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Andaman Dive Adventure is moving to a new dive center

Building a new dive center at Longbeach, Koh Lanta

Soon to open ! Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta is just finishing off the construction of her new dive center. The new dive center is located at the street in Longbeach area. We will be situated next door to ¨the One Place¨ restaurant and rooms and accross from Krua Kritsana Restaurant. The new dive center has two nice big classrooms, back office space, workbench area, a much bigger wetroom, toilets & shower and a nice sitting area. Right now we are finishing off the tiling and the windows. The official opening will be at the start of November, but we will start test running the new site from mid October. Welcome to our new home !


Hin Daeng and Hin Muang attract big animal life like manta and whaleshark

Manta and whaleshark at Hin Daeng 26th January 2017

Yesterday (26th of January 2017) our divers were really lucky to see manta and whaleshark at Hin Daeng & Hin Muang: ! Although it is the time of the year where these giants pass by our dive sites, to see both on one day is very lucky. Have a look at Maiko’s video and see for your self how nice the manta is swimming. We are still waiting for more images of the whaleshark from our other divers.

Do you also want to dive at Hin Daeng & Hin Muang ? Please write us an email on: info@andamandiveadventure.com or find more information on: Hin Daeng & Hin Muang or on dive trips in general: Diving Packages or go to the experienced divers page: divethailandlantainfo.com.

Do your Padi open water diver license with Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta

Congratulations to our new Padi open water divers

Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta congratulates our latest 4 Padi Open Water Diver Course students, Wossen (Etiopia), Juliannan (China), Lars (Denmark) and Will (England) with achieving the first level of diving. A truly international group of dive students ! Well done everyone ! And a big thanks to Padi dive instructor Matthew Pearson who made sure the dive training was safe and fun.

Do you also want to get qualified and become a diver and dive everywhere around the world for the rest of your life ? Please write us an email on: info@andamandiveadventure.com or find more information on: Dive Course PADI or go to the starting to dive page: learntodivelantathailand.com.

Padi Divemaster Albee Lo from China

Padi Divemaster Albee from China certified !

Andaman Dive Adventure is proud of Albee Lo for passing her Padi Divemaster certification. And she is not stopping there. After a short break for Chinese New Year, she is continuing with her Padi DSD Leader. Congratulations, Albee ! Well done ! We hope to see you back soon.
Do you also want to start your Padi Professional Career and do a PADI internship with us ? Please write us an email on: info@andamandiveadventure.com or find more information on: Padi Go Pro or go to the Internship page: diveinstructorcoursethailand.com.

Floodings in Thailand east coast

Weather January 2017 Koh Lanta, Thailand

Because of the many media reports of the floodings in Thailand, we are receiving many emails with questions about the weather. Our current weather conditions are: calm see, bright sunshine and very hot. It is important to understand that the West coast of Thailand has summer season now. The East coast has their rainy season now.
Koh Lanta has their summer season from October 15th until May 15th. Please come and enjoy the sunshine and great diving with us !

If you look at the picture: Koh Lanta is on the left side of the picture under Phuket, next to Krabi in the ocean

Certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor

Though 2016 is almost to an end, we are proud to be one of the top attractions for diving and snorkeling on Koh Lanta, Thailand. Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta is even the first big boat company on the ranking and still a newer company then most dive centers on the island !
We thank our friendly divers and Padi dive students for their great reviews and support of our dive center.

diver and fish at Koh PP
diver salto
Dive Assure is now free of charge insuring our Padi open water diver students

Free insurance for starting open water divers !

Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta has undertaken a partnership with Dive Assure. This results in a free insurance for Padi open water diver students for diving during their Padi open water diver course. Also it gives other divers the chance to take a 2 week, one month or even a year insurance for diving through Andaman Dive Adventure. Please ask us for quotes. More safety while diving !

Koh Ha is ideal for any level of diver and snorkeling
open water diver students practicing at Koh Ha
Koh Ha marine park close to Koh Lanta, Thailand

Weather forecast for Koh Lanta December 2016

Most asked question right now is: do you have bad weather ? Are there any floodings right now on Koh Lanta ?
This time of the year: November until half of May we have our summer season. So we have very nice sunshine and almost no wind, waves or rain. On the east coast of Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao) they have their monsoon season (rainy season). So yes, we have sometimes a little shower (if we are lucky) for an hour, but for the rest of the day it is really hot weather here. Why does the weather forecast show different weather? I guess it is very difficult to forecast the weather, especially in Thailand.

Koh Ha december 2016
Koh Ha december 2016
What is next after the Rescue course: Padi Divemaster Course

Congratulations to our new PADI Rescue Divers !

After finishing last year their Padi Open Water and Padi Advanced Diver Course, Christoph and Daniela now finished their Padi Rescue Diver Course with us. Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta is proud to congratulate our enthusiastic divers with their achievement. Please try to get a little longer time off, next year, to come back for your Padi Divemaster Course. Was great fun to have you at Koh Lanta and to dive with you again !

Rescue excersizes in the pool at Lanta Island Resort
Padi Rescue Diver Course