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Dive Assure is now free of charge insuring our Padi open water diver students

Free insurance for starting open water divers !

Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta has undertaken a partnership with Dive Assure. This results in a free insurance for Padi open water diver students for diving during their Padi open water diver course. Also it gives other divers the chance to take a 2 week, one month or even a year insurance for diving through Andaman Dive Adventure. Please ask us for quotes. More safety while diving !

Koh Ha is ideal for any level of diver and snorkeling
open water diver students practicing at Koh Ha
Koh Ha marine park close to Koh Lanta, Thailand

Weather forecast for Koh Lanta December 2016

Most asked question right now is: do you have bad weather ? Are there any floodings right now on Koh Lanta ?
This time of the year: November until half of May we have our summer season. So we have very nice sunshine and almost no wind, waves or rain. On the east coast of Thailand (Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao) they have their monsoon season (rainy season). So yes, we have sometimes a little shower (if we are lucky) for an hour, but for the rest of the day it is really hot weather here. Why does the weather forecast show different weather? I guess it is very difficult to forecast the weather, especially in Thailand.

Koh Ha december 2016
Koh Ha december 2016
What is next after the Rescue course: Padi Divemaster Course

Congratulations to our new PADI Rescue Divers !

After finishing last year their Padi Open Water and Padi Advanced Diver Course, Christoph and Daniela now finished their Padi Rescue Diver Course with us. Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta is proud to congratulate our enthusiastic divers with their achievement. Please try to get a little longer time off, next year, to come back for your Padi Divemaster Course. Was great fun to have you at Koh Lanta and to dive with you again !

Rescue excersizes in the pool at Lanta Island Resort
Padi Rescue Diver Course
Diving from Koh Lanta to Koh Ha Laguna

The season has started: Koh Ha is open again !

From the 15th of October 2016 our marine parks at Koh Ha, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang and Koh Rok are finally open again. Yesterday we went for our first trip to Koh Ha (after doing a clean up of the area with all dive centers and the marine park the days before). Visibility is lovely and plenty of new and old fish life and lovely diving ! Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta is looking forward to bring you diving to these magnificient islands until the 15th of May 2017.
See you soon ?!?

Come diving and see the Andaman Sea with us, when it is more quiet. Special promotion !

Promotion for April & May 2016

Because all holidays are finished during this period: a special promotion for people who are coming diving in these months. Also accommodation on Koh Lanta and travel to Thailand is cheaper in this period. Ask us about our special offers for experienced divers and for group diving travel. We also have special offers for guests who would like to learn to dive during this period. Come and join us for diving on Koh Lanta! See more fish, less divers and get better deals in great weather.

On the 13th of April, Thailand celebrates their Songcran Festival. This is an annual waterfestival & the Thai new year. Great fun for kids and adults. Koh Lanta is a great location to celebrate the Songcran Festival and have a water party. Even the fire department joins into the water fight with amazing water power ! Try to leave non water proof items at home. Only bring a water gun, sunscreen lotion and smiles and have great fun ! Best location for a good water fight are: in front of ‘The One Place’ or ‘IRIE-bar’ on Longbeach street or in front of ‘The Irish Embassy’ and ‘Mays kitchen’ on Longbeach street. Combination of excellent food, lot’s of water supply, great people & good music. Feel free to join us on this occasion. Be prepared to get wet.

Furthermore we still have all resorts, restaurants and the marine park open until the 15th of May. After the 15th of May not all resorts, restaurants & bars on beach locations are still open. Diving after the 15th of May is still possible outside of the marine parks. Dive locations will be then in Koh Bida and Koh Phi Phi area’s.

Please email us at: info@andamandiveadventure.com

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang attract big animal life like manta and whaleshark

10 year Koh Lanta dive anniversary specials

Promotion prices for dive packages in combination with online bookings. Book now for diving from now until the 15th of December or from the 10th of January until the end of April. Special discounts available for March and April. No discount possible during the Christmas and New Years time. No combination of other discounts possible.
Book now and safe money on fantastic diving !