Andaman Dive Adventure is moving to a new dive center
building a new dive center at Longbeach, Koh Lanta

Building a new dive center at Longbeach, Koh Lanta

Soon to open ! Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta is just finishing off the construction of her new dive center. The new dive center is located at the street in Longbeach area. We will be situated next door to ¨the One Place¨ restaurant and rooms and accross from Krua Kritsana Restaurant. The new dive center has two nice big classrooms, back office space, workbench area, a much bigger wetroom, toilets & shower and a nice sitting area. Right now we are finishing off the tiling and the windows. The official opening will be at the start of November, but we will start test running the new site from mid October. Welcome to our new home !


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