Newly build dive boat ADA9 takes divers diving from Koh Lanta

In December 2013 Andaman Dive Adventure received their new dive boat after many months of constructing it especially for diving. Here are some pictures of the finished product. Now experienced divers and Padi student divers can start diving from Andaman dive adventures own dive boat to local dive sites from Koh Lanta ! Come and join us !

For divers who enjoy a diving trip and fun times with diving staff
Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between diving guests and diving staff, all wear the same t-shirts
Andaman dive adventures big dive boat ADA9 has a spacious dive deck, where divers can relax before diving
Experienced divers listening to a dive briefing from Andaman Dive Adventure’s Padi divemaster about the dive site.
Miss Ja prepares great food for the divers after diving Koh Ha
After diving Koh Ha divers eat their food on dive deck or inside the cabin.
Clean air for diving is important for a divers safety
For nice clean fresh air ADA uses a Bauer Compressor to charge the tanks for your dive
The dive boat ADA9 has 2 toilets inside and fresh water showers outside on the dive deck
The toilets on Andaman Dive Adventures boat are marine toilets
when you walk from outside to the cabin
Andaman Dive Adventure’s dive boat has a compressor, generator and cabin inside with two sitting toilets
you can sit down, stand up or lay down and sleep on the new dive boat
Divers can choose to eat their lunch outside on the dive deck or inside in the cabin
All dive gear and dive boat were bought or made in 2013
ADA has all new diving gear and a newly build dive boat
During dive trips and after and before dives, divers use big boat ADA9 to relax on
Andaman dive adventures big boat ADA9 sailing in the river of Saladan, Koh Lanta

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