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Best diving on Koh Lanta’s dive sites

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Dive Thailand Lanta Info

Thailand is a beautiful country with lovely Thai people (Thailand is also called: the country of smiles), tasteful Thai food and beautiful diving and snorkeling. Wether you are a family, looking for a beach holiday in Thailand on a nice Thai island (Koh Lanta) with fun activities. Or you are a couple, who would love a romantic holiday in Thailand and try diving for the first time. Maybe you are already experienced divers on a diving holiday in Thailand. Or backpackers, travelling the world, looking for new, exiting (dive) experiences. Thailand is the country for you ! Find dive Thailand info here.

For the family:

Koh Lanta offers next to great snorkeling and diving also other activities. For instance cooking courses, great beaches, is more quiet and safe then many of the bigger cities and offers good medical care. Enjoy a great family day out on Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta’s big boat for snorkeling and diving on the beautiful dive sites around Koh Lanta.

For a couple:

Lanta’s sunsets are beautiful and romantic. And what is more romantic then to learn to dive together ? Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta offers the possibilty to do the Padi Open Water Diver Course with only the two of you with one Padi dive instructor.

For backpackers:

would you like to become a diver ? Or even go from zero to hero (start diving up to Padi professional diving level) ? So you can travel the world and live of diving.
Click this to get some more dive Thailand info or dive Lanta info.

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For experienced divers:

have a look at our amazing Koh Lanta under water diving pictures. Do you have any special fish on your diving wish list ? Maybe a manta or whale shark (Hin Daeng) or maybe some macro life (Koh Ha), like sea horses or harlequin shrimp ? Maybe you would love to dive slow with a camera ? Or have a private dive group, just the 2 of you diving with a Padi divemaster ? If you have not dived for more then 2 years, let Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta’s Padi divemasters refresh your diving skills.

Find out more about diving and PADI dive courses in Thailand

Why visit Koh Lanta (instead of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui or Phuket)

for diving or Padi dive courses in Thailand ? Koh Lanta is still fairly quiet. For sure you can find a party or a 5 star resort on Lanta if you wanted to. You can however also still find empty beaches and cheap accomodation (except around Christmas and Chinese new year holidays). Furthermore there is beautiful nature (mangroves and jungle), friendly Thai people, great Thai food and beautiful diving and snorkeling with less people on Koh Lanta.


If you book before arrival to Koh Lanta by email to us, you will receive a discount. CLICK ON THE BELOW LINK:

Want to contact us to book a diving holiday or PADI dive course ?

From email info@andamandiveadventure.com
to Facebook, Twitter or Skype, please use the contact methode that is easiest for you.

We have staff available to help you book your diving with us. We can also assist with finding accommodation. And help you with transfers, advice about when to come to Koh Lanta Lastly any other information you would like to know about Koh Lanta or Thailand and diving ? We can help you.

If you contact us by email

on info@andamandiveadventure.com and book online before you arrive, you will receive a discount on your diving price or Padi dive course price. It makes our planning so much easier if we know when you would like to come diving.

We try to respond to you within 24 hours, please be patient with us. Thailand has a time difference to your country and we also do go diving. Please know we are eager to get back to you & are looking forward meeting you in person on Koh Lanta.

For bookings

for dive trips and courses, we need to know you would like to join, atleast the day before you want to join / start with your course. Please understand that we need to pack your gear (with the right sizes) for you. We also need to assign a divemaster or instructor, order your food and (mainly in Peak Season) make sure there is space on our boat.

For our busy season:

Christmas time period, between the 20th of December until the 5th of January and around Chinese New Year (February): watch out ! In these period Koh Lanta is mostly fully booked and so will the dive centers be. Please pre-book your accommodation and diving way in advance.

If you are planning to drop by our main Padi dive center Longbeach (Pra Ae) street, be aware of our openings times: 10 AM till 5.30 PM. We are located next to the Travelers’ Friend and across from Krua Kritsana, Mr. Green and IRIE Bar. If you arrive after our openings time, come on over to Sans Sunset Bar on Longbeach, you will mostly find us there. If we are not there, ask the owner to give us a call or call us from the reception of your resort on: 0901596661.

See you soon!

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