As a Padi 5 star dive center, Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta offers Padi diving courses and also fun diving. We especially bring a personal and relaxed approach to scuba diving. Consequently you can dive in Thailand, with European safety standards, Cressi dive equipment and Thai hospitality. Conclusion: your diving holiday in Thailand will be unforgettable and also great fun!

The big boat of Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta

Great dive boat

The Lanta based big boat ADA Numchock 9 was build in 2013 by Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta.
Because our fast big boat was constructed and designed by the owners & Thai diving staff, she is especially built for diving around Koh Lanta. As a result our big boat is very spacious, comfortable and effective for diving. To make it even more comfortable, our diving staff added a new roof in 2015 and a second floor, so our divers have added space to lay in the sunshine after diving.
Welcome aboard to our divers and Padi diving course students.

two Padi divers

Best diving team

Learn how to rescue a diver in the Padi Rescue Diver Course. Afterwards learn to guide divers under water and help them overcome difficulties with the Padi divemaster course. As a result you will learn more about your own diving skills, safety and also how to resolve diving problems and respond to diving emergencies.
Because of the service attitude and love for diving around Koh Lanta‘s beautiful sites (in Thailand) for more than 10 years, you will be taught to high standards. In conclusion: experts teach expert diving !

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Another new site

New site in Koh Phi Phi area, where divers can also see a wreck.
First of all this new ship wreck ‘Kled Kaew’ offers divers frog fish, bamboo sharks, scorpion fish, lionfish, big eyed snappers, travellie and many other fish life. Furthermore you can do wreck diving for your Padi advanced open water diver course on this wreck!
Because this is a deep dive (max. 30 meters), you will consequently have to go with one of our Padi instructors if you have a Padi open water diver license. But this will give you (at no extra charge) a deep adventure dive.

Become a Padi divemaster or Padi instructor

PADI dive internships starting again

Become a PADI Divemaster, PADI assistent instructor or study our under water environment with us. The season has started with three environmental trainees. If you would like to join them and study our under water environment or do your PADI divemaster course or PADI assistent instructor course, please send us an email on

Diving from Koh Lanta to Koh Ha Laguna

The season has started: Koh Ha is open again !

From the 15th of October 2016 our marine parks at Koh Ha, Hin Daeng & Hin Muang and Koh Rok are finally open again. Yesterday we went for our first trip to Koh Ha (after doing a clean up of the area with all dive centers and the marine park the days before). Visibility is … Read more

Practising students in our pool at Lanta Island Resort

Congratulations to our new Padi open water divers

Francisco (USA) and Michel (Bosnia and Herzegovina) just finished their Padi open water course yesterday (15/10/2016). Thank you for chosing to dive with us & congratulations on becoming divers ! Hope to see you again on Koh Lanta in the future.