Always wanted to dive ? Never had the time? Now you can start diving today ! Want to do something new and exiting ? Become a diver today ! Options: # PADI BUBBLEMAKER: you have to be older then 8 years and can dive in a pool or confined water (Koh Ha) till max. 2 meters ! Imagine how great it is for kids to see fish and corals under water. While diving for the first time ! # PADI DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING: you have to be older then 10 years and can learn to dive in a pool and open water till max. 12 meter ! This is a 1,5 day Padi diving course or you can do a try dive. First the Padi dive instructor explains you some dive theory. After this he practices diving with you in the shallow water swimming pool of Lanta Lily Resort. This way you know what to do and how to dive. The next day you and your Padi dive instructor dive together. You will go to (2 dives !) Lanta Andaman Dive Adventure’s local dive sites: Koh Ha, Koh Bidas or Koh Phi Phi. There you can see amazing fish life and beautiful corals diving. After this Padi dive course you do NOT get a certification card to dive. # PADI (JUNIOR) OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE: you have to be older then 10 years and will learn to become a real diver ! After this Padi diving course, you will get a dive certification card from PADI. This is a 2,5 (PADI Elearning) or 3 days Padi dive course. On the first day of the Padi diving course, you will practice the dive theory, in our pool at Lanta Lily Resort. On days 2 and 3 of the Padi dive course, you will join Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta’s big boat. during this trip to local dive sites you will do 4 open water dives with your Padi dive instructor. And enjoy our amazing under water world.

SNORKELING ON LOCAL DIVE SITES AROUND KOH LANTA: Maybe you are not ready for diving, yet. Or maybe you are not old enough, yet. There are also many people around the world, who enjoy snorkeling with fish. Whether you are a starting snorkeler or an experienced snorkeler or skin diver, Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta has many interesting snorkeling options for you. # DISCOVER SNORKELING: let the experienced snorkel guides from Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta explain how to snorkel and use the snorkel equipment. Our snorkel guide also shows you nice fish and goes snorkeling with you. # SNORKELING WITH SHARKS (not dangerous) PROGRAM: snorkel in area’s where we frequently see sharks with your snorkel guide. Koh Lanta’s local dive sites offer chances to see Black tip reef sharks, Leopard sharks, Bamboo sharks and Whale sharks (you need to be really lucky for this one, though).

PADI SKIN DIVER COURSE: do you want to advance on your snorkeling and learn to dive longer under water, by holding your breath ? Learn how to do this from Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta’s Padi Divemasters. FOR ALL OUR SNORKELING PROGRAMS WE OFFER: You will snorkel with a mask, snorkel, fins and snorkel guide in small groups (max. 6 snorkelers per snorkel guide). You can also choose to wear a lifejacket or use a buoy for floatation. All our day trip snorkel prices include: breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, water, sodas, fruits, snorkel guide and snorkel equipment. Our combined dive and snorkel boat has two toilets, two fresh water showers, an indoors and an outdoors area with and without sun cover. Have a great day out with your whole family or with your group of friends & see our amazing corals and fish life !

Find out more about learning to dive. Start diving and snorkeling around Koh Lanta, Thailand

Why visit Koh Lanta (instead of Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui or Phuket) for diving or Padi dive courses in Thailand ?
Koh Lanta is still fairly quiet. For sure you can find a party or a 5 star resort on Lanta if you wanted to. You can however also still find empty beaches, cheap accomodation (except around Christmas and Chinese new year holidays), beautiful nature (mangroves and jungle), friendly Thai people, great Thai food and beautiful diving and snorkeling with less people on Koh Lanta.

Therefore if you are interested in Diving Course Packages please email us at info@andamandiveadventure.com for the best prices.

Learn to dive safely with new Cressi dive gear

Cressi Christmas tree
All new Cressi dive gear

New Cressi dive gear for our PADI diving course students. We value our diving students safety and would like our guest to have a safe and fun time during their PADI open water or advanced diver courses.
Sign up for your next PADI dive course with us today and email us on info@andamandiveadventure.com