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How to learn to dive in 4 easy steps

How to learn to dive for beginners in 4 easy steps:

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  3.   Book your flight and accommodation or ask for our help with this: see above details.
  4.   Start diving!

Or: Send us a message on WhatsApp and make an appointment to meet your PADI dive instructor online!

Let’s make your holiday more relaxed, more beautiful, experience the freedom, beauty and adventure of the under water world with Andaman Dive Adventure. Diving was never as easy, simple and incredible as this year 2022! Now you know how to learn to dive, start today!

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After 2 years of closure, we are more then ready to provide you with the best diving and courses ever! Even more wrecks, more fish life and more and more beautiful corals are awaiting you in season 2022/2023. Andaman Dive Adventure is ready to re-open on the 1st of November 2022.

Have you had enough of the lock-downs and Convid19/Corona? Wish you could get away from this European war/wintertime? Come and stay with us for a nice long dive holiday or move your family or yourself to Koh Lanta for a few months. We can give you all the information you need, for accommodation, Dive Pro internships, schools for children and more.

Enjoy beautiful nature, amazing, diving, normal food prices, beautiful beaches and a relaxed Thai smile culture with Andaman Dive Adventure on Koh Lanta.

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Together we stand strong

Corona closure diving

It is with regret that we announce the closure of our dive center until further notice, due to the corona virus outbreak.

We do this reluctantly, but our priority has always been to put the health and safety of our customers and staff first.

Thank you for your support in this matter. We look forward to welcoming you back in the near future. We wish you and your family and friends good health and patience / perseverance in these challenging times.

Kind regards,
Team ADA

Brian and Mona are our regular Swedish divers

New PADI Advanced Divers

Congratulations to Brian and Mona on achieving the PADI Advanced diver level ! Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta’s regular Swedish divers improved their diving through Peak Performance Buoyancy. Now they can both dive until maximum 30 meter depth ! So what is next ? The PADI Deep speciality diver course or the PADI Rescue diver course ? Or maybe just some PADI Under water naturalist speciality course ?

Brian and Mona with their PADI Instructor Astrid Eisheuer
As there are so many interesting fish around Koh Lanta’s dive sites, under water naturalist or fish id are good topics for your PADI Advanced course
Whale shark at Koh Ha

Whale sharks again at Koh Ha !

After a busy whale shark season, we again are having several whale shark sightings at Koh Ha area. On a few occasions even 2 or 3. It seems that now is the time, if you are a diver, that you would like to dive Koh Ha with us. The beautiful part is that you can do your first time diving even here or bring your family snorkeling !

Why not join us for our next dive trip to Koh Ha ? We are diving there again tomorrow !

One more whale shark
One more whale shark picture 2020 March Koh Ha
EFR first aid and CPR courses

EFR first aid and CPR courses

The EFR first aid course: Emergency First Response Course.
Are you stuck in Asia ? Or would you like to do a course, but you don’t want to dive ?
Or maybe you would like to do your PADI Rescue Diver Course or Divemaster course ?

Anyone (min. age is 8 years) can do their EFR first aid and CPR course. Let our EFR Instructors teach you how to help other people, while making sure you will be okay. Different topics of this non-diving course are:
1. Assess the scene and apply barriers
2. Airways open and look for breathing
3. CPR (heart massage)
4. bandaging
5. first aid and secondary aid

This EFR first aid course is a 1 day program and does not involve any diving.

Bandaging for the EFR course
Learn how to help other people
Two new PADI dive instructors at Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta

New PADI dive instructors

Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta would like to congratulate Yeliz & Tor with achieving the PADI dive instructor level, by passing their PADI dive instructor exams. Also a congratulation to PADI Course Director Lisa Bier on another 100% passing score for her PADI IDC course. The open water part of the PADI instructor exam was from the beach at Longbeach on Koh Lanta. It is the same place the students practiced their teaching diving during their PADI IDC course.

We wish Tor and Yeliz many great students and marvelous dives in the future.

Congratulations to all new PADI dive instructors
PADI IE (Instructor Examination) on Koh Lanta, Thailand
Porcupine fish friend is back

Porcupine fish: meet our residential ones

Come diving with Andaman Dive Adventure to Koh Ha Laguna and meet our residential porcupine fish. We actually have a few and some of our divers have named some Eric and Steven. Especial great hits with the children for snorkeling and for the 8-10 years old PADI Bubblemaker diver students. But we also have very experienced divers coming back every year from Hong Kong, UK and the Netherlands to see their porcupine friends.

Meet our porcupine fish yourself on your trip to Koh Ha Islands.

Koh Ha Islands
Koh Ha Laguna is between the Koh Ha islands 2,3 and 4
Cressi Christmas tree

New Cressi dive gear for your rental gear

Because we at Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta value our divers safety and diving enjoyment, we change our dive gear every 6th season. Now we have bought from Cressi all new BCDs, which we are using for our rental dive gear. The “old bcds” will be used for the pool sessions and sold 2nd hand to divers and other dive centers. We take our divers safety seriously and also prefer to stay up to date with new equipment improvements.

Join us now for PADI dive courses or fun dives and try our new BCDS ! Try out your new BCD to buy for your PADI Pro course.

New Cressi BCDs for the rental dive gear
Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta has new BCDs for their rental dive gear
Whale shark at Koh Ha

Whale shark at Koh Ha

Whale shark at Koh Ha. Guitar shark at Hin Bida !
Never before did we have this many guitar shark sightings. Koh Ha 1, Back of Koh Ha 3, Koh Ha Laguna and now also at Hin Bida. And the lucky divers yesterday saw a whale shark at Koh Ha as well !
Some other divers saw a large blacktip shark. There are also mating cuttlefish and octopus about.
Come diving now to see these special animals !

The wind has settled down. The ocean is flat again. Ideal conditions for diving. And as we are just before Chinese New Year, we do not have that many divers right now ! Take advantage of these top diving conditions. Go diving with a whale shark or other shark.