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Building the new big diving boat ADA Numchock 9 in Krabi, Thailand

Right now Andaman Dive Adventure is building the new fast big boat in Krabi. The boat will be a big diving boat, so giving a lot of space to divers and Padi dive students for seating and moving around. Also a lot of convenience: changing area, dry area, roof top with sunshine or shade. The choice is yours. Although it is a big boat, we are planning to go out with less divers and snorkelers then our license, thus giving a more luxurious feeling. Furthermore (in contrary to most big boats), we added a bit more speed, with 2 big engines inside. Because she has inboard engines, the boat is much more quiet then a speedboat and will make water entries and exits much easier. Come and join us diving this season on our new diving boat, with our new Cressi dive gear, dive tanks and dive compressor.