Whale shark at Koh Ha
Whale shark 2019/2020

Whale shark at Koh Ha

Whale shark at Koh Ha. Guitar shark at Hin Bida !
Never before did we have this many guitar shark sightings. Koh Ha 1, Back of Koh Ha 3, Koh Ha Laguna and now also at Hin Bida. And the lucky divers yesterday saw a whale shark at Koh Ha as well !
Some other divers saw a large blacktip shark. There are also mating cuttlefish and octopus about.
Come diving now to see these special animals !

The wind has settled down. The ocean is flat again. Ideal conditions for diving. And as we are just before Chinese New Year, we do not have that many divers right now ! Take advantage of these top diving conditions. Go diving with a whale shark or other shark.

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